Finnmarksvidda Classic

Ski Expeditions

Finnmarksvidda Classic

This is the classic four-day ski expedition across the Finnmarksvidda mountain plateau from Alta to Karasjok. This trip with us includes three overnight stays in mountain lodges, huskies to pull the gear, all meals and possibilities for a hot sauna each evening. This trip is a “must” for all mountain skiing enthusiasts.

Stabbursdalen National Park

Ski Expeditions

Stabbursdalen National Park

Five-day epic cross-country ski expedition from Sennalandet, through Stabbursdalen National Park, via the Jokta mountain lodge on the edge of the Finnmarksvidda mountain plateau before we reach Øvre Stilla. The guide is Guro Krempig, one of the stars of the TV series and documentary film "The Wilderness Children".

Øvre Anarjohka National Park

Ski Expeditions

Øvre Anarjohka National Park

When it comes to experiencing the genuine Arctic wilderness, few places in Norway can match the Øvre Anarjohka National Park.
Join us on a 10-day ski expedition in the wilderness!

Ski Expeditions

Few places on earth are as exotic as Finnmark! If you enjoy long cross-country ski expeditions in pristine snow, with frost, the Northern Lights and endless stunning nature, you will love it here in Northern Norway.


Finnmarksvidda, Øvre Anarjohka and Stabbursdalen National Park!

Our expeditions take you over the Finnmarksvidda mountain plateau and through the Stabbursdalen National Park and Øvre Anarjohka National Park. Consequently, our ski expeditions go through areas that were ranked as some of the world’s most beautiful by the distinguished American travel publication, Forbes Travel Guide.

The open, gently rolling plateau with no artificial lights for miles upon miles in diameter is perfect for experiencing the majestic Northern Lights, as well as the wonderful nature, animal life, Sami culture, mountain lodges, reindeer and the North Norwegian mentality.

From late April it’s light here round the clock, which makes skiing possible day or night!

Trips ranging from easy to challenging

For the 2020 winter season, we offer three different options with varying challenges. The main differences between the various trips are mostly the duration, whether we stay in tents or cabins and whether participants pull their own gear by expedition sled or not.

The four-day classic

Our classic four-day crossing of the Finnmarksvidda mountain plateau goes from cabin to cabin. Spending the nights inside makes it a relatively easy trip. However, the skiing legs each day are long, which means participants must relatively good skiers and in good shape. On these trips, you only carry a daypack and the polar dogs pull the rest by expedition sled.

Five days through Stabbursdalen

Our five-day trip through Stabbursdalen National Park is roughly the same as the six-day trip when it comes to challenges but is possibly slightly more demanding as we spend three nights in a row in tents. This trip demands some experience in winter outdoor life, but also provides the opportunity to become familiar with and learn about winter outdoor life.

Ten days through the last wilderness of Europe

Our 10-day trip through Øvre Anarjohka National Park is a mini expedition. This trip takes place well away from civilisation with many nights in a row in tents. Participants must pull their own gear by expedition sled as well as some communal gear. We will be accompanied by polar dogs and, if conditions permit, they will pull most of the communal gear by expedition sled. However, if conditions are unfavourable that will be our task. Consequently, this expedition is designed for people familiar with the winter outdoor life and pulling an expedition sled.

Nature’s banquet

On GLØD adventures, the culinary aspect of the experience is also important! We serve delicious, authentic, homemade dishes on our trips based on fresh locally sourced produce such as game, fish, king crab and berries. We often cook the meals in the GLØD kitchen before the trips and pack them in sous-vide bags to make the task out in the field easier. When we stay at the mountain lodges, we generally eat the meals they serve.

Equipment and wilderness guides

Those who have been on a tour with us before knows that our wilderness guides are skilful and experienced tour leaders, the equipment we use is solid and well tested and, when it comes to your safety, we never make any compromises. Consequently, our trips are not always the cheapest available, but that is not one of our goals. The most important thing for us is offering the best possible experiences!


GLØD wishes to contribute to a sustainable outdoors life so that the nature will last and provide pleasure for future generations. Transport without a trace comes naturally for us – and there are no alternatives.

Alternative tours

If the alternatives in the right-hand menu don’t suit your travelling plans, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can customise your Finnmark adventures!