Snowshoeing & Husky

Snowshoeing trips

Snowshoeing & Husky

Snowshoeing trek in the realm of the moose along the Alta River. Forest, snow and tracks from animals like hares, foxes and moose. During this three-hour tour, we make a camp fire and brew tea/coffee/hot chocolate.

Snowshoeing, Ice fishing, husky & Lunch

Snowshoeing trips

Snowshoeing, Ice fishing, husky & Lunch

Welcome to a four and a half hour trip to GLØD’s wilderness camp just outside Alta combining snowshoeing and ice fishing. A hot lunch is also included. We will be joined by a husky to help us pull the gear.


One of the goals on our three-hour trip is to experience the silent Arctic nature, while on the longer trip you can also try ice-fishing and enjoy a hot lunch.


We offer two different snowshoeing adventures.

Snowshoeing and Husky (3 hours)

One of the aims of this adventure is to experience the Arctic nature, where the landscape is formed and created by the glaciers that covered the region 10,000 years ago, and by the weather and wind throughout history. We will also experience the tracks of wild animals, including the King of the Forest, the moose, and other animals such as hares, foxes and squirrels.

We also take a break and light an open fire to brew tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

Snowshoeing and Ice fishing (4.5 hours)

This snowshoe trek takes us out to our wilderness camp where we try ice fishing on a frozen lake and enjoy lunch grilled on an open fire and served in a Sami lavvu (herdsmen’s tent).

Naturally enough, the nature, flora and fauna also play an important role on this trip.

We will be joined on both trips by one of our Alaskan Huskies – Javri, Phelps or Lund – to help pull or carry the gear and provide nice company.

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The history of snowshoes

Snowshoes were first used by hunters and trappers in Central Asia more than 6,000 years ago. Naturally enough, they were reliant on obtaining food and subsistence also during winter. The hunters observed how various animals moved in the deep snow without sinking down into it, and realized that they needed to use aids and learn from the animals to move through the snow.

Without the ability to move freely and quickly through the snow, our ancestors would not have had the possibility of migrating and settling in the Northern Hemisphere. Snowshoes were a necessity for people to be able to feed themselves in areas with a lot of snow during winter.

As people moved round, migrated and settled in new areas, the snowshoe in time spread to many parts of the world.

Important invention

The snowshoe is one of the first important human inventions, and many compare it to the invention of the wheel. Snowshoes were well known and widely used by many people well before the wheel saw the light of day.

The snowshoe is also regarded as the precursor to the ski.