Our Employees

Finnmarksvidda på ski

In addition to those listed below – who have Glød Explorer as their main employer – there are a number of freelance guides who step in when large groups are handled, or when there are other reasons. They are all “glødere” with the same passion and pride as the rest of us. They are fantastic representatives of Arctic Living and help to elevate Glød Explorer’s Adventures so that our guests can experience the best.

Common is that we all are ladies & gentlemen who go on adventures together with ladies & gentlemen

Ida Grubben


Background: Ida is originally from Hamar, in Innlandet County in Southern Norway. She has a MA in Naturbased Tourism and is a trained Arctic Nature Guide. She moved to Alta when she was offered a full-time job at GLØD Explorer. Ida is very fond of training, and does it especially on the mountain bike. Have finished OffroadFinnmark several times.

Funfact: Love the Norwegian delicacy «rakfisk» (fermented fish), and makes everyone at Glød eat it once a year!


Rikki Egon Nilsen


Background: Rikki is originally from Solrød Strand in Denmark. He’s educated as a seller of outdoor equipment, with some subjects in economy thrown in. In addition he has a BA in Outdoor life, a MA in Sports Science and now, as of late, some credits in pedagogy. He’s the oldest of six children and moved to Alta to live out his dream of having as many outdoor adventures as he can.

Funfact: He’s a Britney Spears and Celine Dion superfan. His friends only refer to him as Egon.


Trygve Nygård

Founder – Owner – CEO – guide

Bakgrunn: Trygve is from Bognelvdalen in Alta Municipallity. He is educated in building/construction with papers on driving construction machinery, mobile cranes, trucks and lorries. Then life took a different turn and he started his university education in BA Sports and Outdoor life (friluftsliv) and finally MA in Tourism. Started GLØD Explorer in 2005. Trygve loves long expeditions and has both cycled along Norway, and skied along Norway and Spitsbergen. Have cycled OffroadFinnmark several times.

Funfact: Lives 30 m from the office, but always manages to arrive late for work.


Mats Jørgen Nordmo Ingdal


Background: Originally from Målselv in Troms, Norway, but moved to Alta to find an education that would take him as far away from an office as possible. Has a BA in Arctic Outdoor Life and is a trained Arctic Nature Guide. He has always had a passion for outdoor life and sports and loves going on longer trips into the mountains. One of his longest trips was crossing Norway for south to north. He came in contact with Glød the first term of his studies and loves his work there.

Funfact: Often observed with a “Svartkjele” (Black bonfire kettle) and “snyltekopp” (Beggar’s cup for coffee). He has no qualms about drinking two KETTLES of bonfire coffee a day.


Kalle Møller Nielsen


Background: Originally from Århus in Denmark. Educated as a car mechanic, but also has a bachelor in Arctic Outdoor Life. In addition he has the following credentials: Certified Arctic Nature Guide, NOLS, Wilderness First Responder and certified outdoor guide.

Funfact: Has tinnitus from listening to too much loud heavy metal music.


Sara Orzel


Background: Originally from Bensberg, Germany. Worked as a Travel Agent, but came to Alta to learn about dogsledding for six weeks. Eight years later she’s still here, having fallen in love with both the dogs and nature, but she’s never regretted her choice to stay.

Funfact: Never goes on an overnight trip without her hot water bottle. It has been her secret weapon for keeping warm inside her sleeping bag.


Natalia Machalova

Breakfast host/Cleaner

Background: Originally from Slovakia. She studied psychology and worked in the HR sector. Quit her job together with her boyfriend, Peter, to travel the world and work. Together they’ve worked for seven different hospitality businesses. They fell in love with Norway and decided to stay here for a while.

Funfact: The only sports competition Natalia succeeded at was a European Championship in chess with an age limit of six years. She got fifth place.


Peter Orsagh


Background: Originally from Slovakia. He studied physical education and worked as personal trainer. Quit his job together with his girlfriend, Natalia, to travel the world and work. Together they’ve worked for seven different hospitality businesses. They fell in love with Norway and decided to stay here for a while.

Funfact: Peter always travels with his 3 flowers. The one named Benjamin died during the winter 2021/2022.


Tor Even Aas


Background: Grand old man in the kitchen. He has full control and he does not tip the stick when he treats the pots. Has run most of the kitchens in Alta, as well as served most meals cooked over a campfire.

Fun fact: Tor Even is a bird dog man on his neck. And it’s only Pointer that goes in. The bird work must be more than perfect before he lifts the shotgun!