Northern Lights

Do you want to experience the majestic Northern Lights, but don’t know when, where and how? Join us on a tour with just one objective – to Hunt the Northern Lights! Choose between the classic evening tour, a private version or a tour combined with dog sledding or a fatbiking or MTB trip.


Alta is the unofficial fatbiking capital of Norway – and we simply can’t disagree! There are two main reasons: the range of tracks and the climate!

Snowshoeing trips

Experience nature close-up on our snowshoe treks. Exercise combined with a nature-based experience!

Cross-country skiing

Are you keen to try cross-country skiing? There is no better place to try it than in Norway - the cradle of skiing!

Ski expeditions

Finnmarksvidda, Stabbursdalen National Park, Øvre Anarjohka National Park. Close your eyes, say these place names and imagine the rustle of the wilderness! Join us and find out what is hiding behind the next ridge, behind the next horizon, on an adventure you will remember for the rest of your life!

E-Mountain Biking

E-bikes for trail cycling, or eMTB if you prefer, are fantastic tools for fun in the forest and on the mountains. We offer short and long trips, as well as rental of electric mountain bikes.

Mountain biking

Mountain biking in Finnmark is completely different to everything else you have experienced on the bike seat. Imagine a gently rolling mountain plain landscape where the horizon and the single track disappear into endlessness.


Alta and West Finnmark offer excellent opportunities for outdoor recreation and a wide range of geography, flora and fauna. Paddling a canoe offers a rare opportunity to experience this diversity from close range.

Hiking & Husky

Northern Norway offers wonderful opportunities for hiking. Magnificent nature and the Arctic light that follows you around the clock mean you can hike day or night! We offer traditional hiking trips, fishing trips to secret lakes and rivers, and geocaching. As usual, on our Hiking tours, one of our huskies will join, to help carry and for the company.