Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for travel and payment regarding tours, accommodation, courses and rental


Booking should occur no later than six (6) weeks prior to the departure date of the tour. The agreement is binding for the client upon submission of a written booking. The booking is binding for GLØD upon the sending of a booking conformation. If the required deposit is not paid by the client within six (6) working days of receipt of the booking confirmation, GLØD is unbound by the agreement. GLØD reserves the right to cancel group tours if the minimum number of registrations has not been achieved four (4) weeks prior to the start of the tour.


Upon receipt of the booking confirmation, a deposit of 30% of the total amount is payable. This amount will be deducted when the balance is paid. The final payment is due no later than 42 days (6 weeks) prior to the date of departure. For credit card payments, a surcharge of 3% applies.


Any cancellation must be in writing. An administration fee of 200 NOK per person applies for cancellation of a day/evening tour, 400 NOK per person for cancellation of a multiple days tour/package.

Cancellation of a day or evening tour, and rental (also online bookings)

Refund if cancelled more than one (1) week prior to departure

Cancellation of accommodation (also online bookings)

Refund if cancelled more than four (4) weeks prior to departure

Cancellation of a package tour

According to Pakkereiseloven. Cancellation fee equivalent to deposit (30%).

Cancellation owing to illness

Cancellation due to illness does not result in reimbursement. The individual must take out a travel insurance that covers.

Cancellation due to risk of infection/illness does not result in reimbursement.

Travel cancellation insurance is not included in the tour price.

Cancellation owing to insuffisient bookings

In the event of a tour being cancelled owing to insufficient bookings, 100% of the tour price will be reimbursed.


Any changes to booked tours will incur a fee of NOK 200 per person per change. GLØD reserves the right to make minor changes to the tour programme, undertake price adjustments due to changes in the general conditions or to cancel/change individual tours owing to, for instance, weather and snow conditions.


If the client believes there are any deficiencies in the tour arrangements, he/she shall immediately inform GLØD’s representative. If the deficiency is not remedied in a satisfactory manner, the client may be entitled to a reduction in price, providing the deficiency was pointed out during the tour. The right to compensation lapses if GLØD can document that the injury/damage or inconvenience may not be blamed on GLØD or any company GLØD has entered into an agreement with for implementation of the tour arrangements.


It is a condition for all our tours that the client arranges a good travel insurance at their own expense.

Corona virus

We currently have extra focus on preventing the spread of infection.
These measures are in line with the recommendations of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.
If you cough or sneeze, hold a paper napkin over your nose and mouth and then wash your hands.
If you don’t have paper available, cough or sneeze into your elbow.
Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly, and use alcohol-based products to disinfect your hands.

If you have symptoms of respiratory infection like fever, cough, chest pain or breathing difficulties, please consult a doctor.
In such cases, you will unfortunately be unable to join our tours.